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Hamelin - The Musical, Fantastic Green Screen & Performance Workshops for UK, Schools, Businesses & Clubs



Green Screen Workshops

The Goodrow team have created a number of projects to allow groups to produce short high quality films starring themselves.

Performance Workshops

We have written a number of dramatic materials. We can run performance workshops to build teamworking and performance skills

Hamelin - The Musical

The Goodrow team have created ‘Hamelin – The Musical’ – we can run workshops on the songs or help you to perform the piece.

Effective Communication

Goodrow Direct believe that fundamental to success is effective communication and story telling. Through our workshops we work on individual’s vocal delivery

Goal Setting

Through delivering theatre productions we show practical methods to assist in short, medium and long term SMART goal setting form an early age.

National Curriculum

Our workshops mix art and technology to assist in delivering the national curriculum covering English, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music covering spoken language, performance, problem solving, working with others etc

Excellence is something we should all strive for. Through exciting and character building greenscreen and performance workshops, Goodrow Direct unlocks potential and grows confidence.