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Green Screen – Shakespeare Package

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Puck’s Sonnet by William Shakespeare

Age range: This package can be tailored for any age range from 5 to 80

Using a visually exciting style we work with you to create a finished film of this sonnet performed by your group.  This workshop introduces film making techniques and can be tailored to suit any age of group.

For schools, classes with over 14 pupils are split into two halves and two films are made.

Packages available:

  • Half day – £325
  • Full day (single class) – £500
  • Full day (two classes) – £600

Half day – there is time to introduce film making techniques as well as to provide background to Puck’s scene. The whole class records the end song and each child is given a line to deliver. Each child is bolstered and 3 takes are shot. The finished films are produced outside of the session.

Full day (single class) – Much more focus can be given per child in this package. The morning is as the half day above. In the afternoon, the participants are invited to review their performance and criticise it. A discussion on different techniques is facilitated and feedback collated. Each participant is then given a second chance to record their part.

Full day (two classes) – This package allows up to 56 children to participate. This package is as the half day but with the exercise repeated for the second group in the afternoon.

In all cases, the finished film can be sold to parents if desired.

Client:Lichfield Garrick